Friday, September 26, 2008

winter cravings

no real internet in stockholm for me which is a bummer because i have so many great photos from the last 3 days. fortunately, josh is getting tattooed by his friend tyson so i get to use the shop computer. tyson tattoos at a really cool shop in stockholm called infamous

being away from home for this long is kind of strange. i've started thinking in terms of euros and kroners rather than the dollar. for example i found myself thinking 33 swedish kroner isn't bad for a beer, except 33 kroner is around 3 euro which is about 5 dollars. fashion wise too. i bought a skirt today that i would probably never buy at home but it is really cool here. i've seen all kinds of boys and girls dressed in clothes that i covet. i would seriously like to knock some of the girls down and rip the loving shoes off of them! but i'm kind and i think every girl deserves the newest chole and emma cook boots...even me (which means someone please send them to your truly, sz 6.5).

for my winter wardrobe i would like to acquire the following items:

ralph lauren boys navy blazer

knee high black leather boots (flats). have not found the perfect pair as of yet although i've tried boots on in almost every store throughout berlin and stockholm!!!

lace leggings

thanks to the queen over at kingdom of style for her post on these. well, actually thanks to her bf for buying her these amazing leg huggers!!

tights tights every color.


Caroline said...

ohhh my those are incredible tights. i've seen a lot of lace, but these are different somehow


love the tights ! gorgeous.

love your blog, wanna trade links?

Taghrid said...

ohh the lace leggings! love!