Thursday, September 11, 2008

11 September

most of the photos i took today were from inside the pergamon museum. there are no words to describe the awe inspiring works of art and architecture this building holds. it really is unbelievable the architecture that existed, and continues to exist, well over 2000 years ago. you think our skyscrapers will hold up that long?

as i said, most of the photos are from inside the museum and i've yet to look through them. it's almost 1am here and to tell ya'll the truth i've been sleeping like shit. futon mattress on the floor, call me spoiled, but the thing is beat to hell. still up tossing and turning till the wee hours. it's hard to get up by noon.

we've been walking about 5 miles a day. the last photo i put up is a rough outline of where we've walked. i say rough because it's probably about 70% of where we've gone. there are many smaller streets we couldn't remember the name of or where the even were.

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