Monday, March 29, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

to see is to deflower...

a recent topic of conversation, multiple times actually in the past few months, has surrounded the strange event that some have experienced during copulation. a small survey of friends has determined that either this has happened to you or you've never heard of such a thing. now, if this has happened to you consensus is utter confusion and a little disgust. if it hasn't, the mere mention of this event evokes befuddlement and wonder. it is...what is with the fingers in the mouth?! guys! why do you do it? stimulation? okay. i can get on board with simultaneously stimulating multiple parts of the body...i get it. and i get that the hands and fingers are primary sense receptors but ramming your fingers into your partner's mouth...eehh..not so much.

what's your take? are you a girl who enjoys this? do you know someone who does? are you a boy who can shed some light on this subject for me? please...somebody help me to understand.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what you said...

he promised me feathers and diamonds

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

she had a weakness for writers...

dear gents,
i will always love your flannels and t-shirts, dirty jeans and dickie pants. i melt a little when i see your beat up converse, fancy sneakers or those really cool grandpa shoes you scored at the bins by my front door. but should you ever decide to take it up a notch follow their lead. please?

contemporary menswear never looked so good.whillas and gunn a/w 2010

your confession draws me near...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

nothing forever...

sunny saturday...sleeping in was the best this morning...walking and sitting in the park was even better. study study study work work work. almost done for good...with studying that is. <3

Thursday, March 4, 2010

everything is beautiful because we are doomed...

been meaning to post these for quite some time. i don't know who the respective photographers are or where i nabbed them from. if you do, thank the person for breathing.

all here is golden...

(559): So I heard you only slept with me because you were that true?
(1-559): That depends on who this is.

all laughter today brought to you by texts from last night. here's a taste.

(310): So I made him an imaginary sandwich and told him that the day I didn't have to fake it, neither would he.
(520): my facebook is like a giant collection of my one night stands
(309): We had a complete conversation while I was giving him head, at one point he even stopped me and said 'I love how we're just hanging out.'
(484): I wasted my skinny years on you. The least you can do is high five me at the bar
(918): i just set an alarm for noon. fuck yes winter break.
(765): you said you didn't feel like drinking anymore so you mixed vodka with your applesauce and ate it
(803): Everybody was literally kung fu fighting
(720): i was drunk and our names rhymed...what was i supposed to do?
(407): i went to disney world today with my friends, met snow white, then saw her later at a bar. she is naked next to me in her bed, passwed out. when you wish upon a star...
(774): i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled "dibs!"...
(519): and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered "Simba"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

your broken promises keep me here...

via deathjunkie

you came to me::beach house