Friday, September 26, 2008

winter cravings

no real internet in stockholm for me which is a bummer because i have so many great photos from the last 3 days. fortunately, josh is getting tattooed by his friend tyson so i get to use the shop computer. tyson tattoos at a really cool shop in stockholm called infamous

being away from home for this long is kind of strange. i've started thinking in terms of euros and kroners rather than the dollar. for example i found myself thinking 33 swedish kroner isn't bad for a beer, except 33 kroner is around 3 euro which is about 5 dollars. fashion wise too. i bought a skirt today that i would probably never buy at home but it is really cool here. i've seen all kinds of boys and girls dressed in clothes that i covet. i would seriously like to knock some of the girls down and rip the loving shoes off of them! but i'm kind and i think every girl deserves the newest chole and emma cook boots...even me (which means someone please send them to your truly, sz 6.5).

for my winter wardrobe i would like to acquire the following items:

ralph lauren boys navy blazer

knee high black leather boots (flats). have not found the perfect pair as of yet although i've tried boots on in almost every store throughout berlin and stockholm!!!

lace leggings

thanks to the queen over at kingdom of style for her post on these. well, actually thanks to her bf for buying her these amazing leg huggers!!

tights tights every color.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

last day in berlin

today we leave berlin for stockholm!!! i'm a bit sad to leave as i've grown to like this city, not to mention stockholm is really expensive. we sent some packages home containing the things we couldn't fit in our bags (including presents!!!). i'm excited to go to sweeden but also wanting to come home. i miss my cat and my friends. i feel like a schmuck for not working and i dying to play some music.

this is what i brought with me and the bag i put it in. those of you fashionistas out there could never imagine having to do this (jessica) but i hate checking luggage and i had not intention of walking around berlin in anything but sneakers, tee shirt and a hoodie.

not sure what the internet situation will be like in stockholm but i'll try to keep up the posts. <3

i <3 ritter

much love to miss jaqui for turning me on to ritter sport chocolate. this post is for her.

Monday, September 22, 2008

22 September

today was super tourist day, hence all of the photos. we walked through prenzlauerberg, friedrichain, kruezberg and mitte stopping here and there for photo ops and lunch at this really amazing döner place. the last photo is one of what josh is calling my gothic series. pretty pretty funny sir.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

21 September

today was flea market day!!! portland needs these as i think any of you living there would agree. lots and lots of junk with some pretty neat stuff mixed in. tons of people, food and drink vendors and extracurricular activities going on around the market.

i wish i had a photo of my outfit today. i found tartan plaid pants!

maüerpark flea market and surrounding activities. there's a basketball hoop in the park with a disco ball attached under and behind the backboard. it went along nicely with the little rave party going on here. mind you this is sunday around 1:30pm. zee germans know how to party yes no?

one of the tastiest little drinks i've had here at a cute veggie/vegan cafe in mitte.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 September

finally went to kreuzberg to see what there is to see. there used to be a flea market over here but we ran into a couple of guys who told us that's it's not really around anymore. did some shopping but no buying. kreuzberg is younger a far more diverse than other parts of the city we've been to. it's known as little istanbul due to the number of turkish immigrants living here.

tomorrow is the big flea market day. we've gone every weekend with some success but it's so overwhelming with all of the people and things and smells and noise.

19 September

so i'm catching up on posts, if you haven't noticed. with nick here things were a little hectic. not much time to post or deal with photos.

went to alexanderplatz and hung out for a bit. a dj had just set up shop on the edge of the plaza mixing records and the like. a little hippie chick got out her violin and began playing, long haired hipsters were mc'ing and some german kids were doing choreographed dance routines.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

18 September

advertisements on paper towels

nick's last night dinner

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

17 September

feel me

this will happen

ayse erkmen and dan flavin


what i do...

when the boys cook

16 September

museums and museums and museums oh my!!! today we went to the gemäldegalerie (picture gallery) and oh my goodness. i could live here for a year and not spend enough time in there. i had the chance to see so many of the works i've studied over the past 3 years: dürer, cranach, van eyck, bruegel, rubens, rembrandt, caravaggio, velázquez, raphael, titian, giotto and botticelli. not to mention tons of early italian artists like lorenzo monaco and lippo memmi. my heart is warm and full.

this machine was scanning the painting for evidence of any underpainting.



lorenzo monaco

15 September

josh's friend nick came to visit from poland.

frolicking in the forests of germany

hanging out with the great composers of Germany

richard serra in berlin

touring the eastern bloc the only way we can!