Thursday, January 22, 2009

boot camp for bikinis

upon checking in we were handed towels and directed to beach chairs while our lunch of salad, sesame dressing and delicious line caught fish was prepared for us.

this place is awesome. in the middle of day two and i already have three blisters from taking runs on the beach not to mention my muscles aching everywhere. if there is anyplace in the world to have sore achy muscles it is here. those aches melt away in the sunshine, with a little assistance from private massages.

for those of you who have e-mailed, i'll get photos up as soon as i can!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

for the family...

back in tulum again so blog post will probably be few and far between. outfit posts non-existent as i packed my suitcase with one pair of gladiator sandals, two pairs of shorts, one skirt, two dresses and running clothes. nothing exciting or photo worthy.


you can see a few more photos from last year's trip here.

here is where we're spending our time...

la zebra

le pez

6 days at bikini boot camp

final four days here

Saturday, January 17, 2009

diy extravaganza...

here are a few things i would like to get my hands on. however, the economy being the way it is, oregon's unemployment rate above 8% and me being self-employed by a business that currently has no revenue i figured i would attempt to make these things.
most seem relatively easy if not rather time consuming but what else will i do with my time? the red chloe boots may turn into a disaster but it's worth trying. i've had these red ankle boots forever and don't wear them anymore so i figured why not.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

follow blind
follow blind by kansas

i really really want those boots.

don't forget...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

we both go together if one falls down...

wish list

hayden-harnett for targethobo bag

hunter original in black

gimmie! please please please.

song of the day...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i've been thinking about those things...

Rosson Crow's work is stunning. a luscious palette dripping, literally, with sensuality couples with brushwork taking of the subject matter of the painting. i can't wait to get my little eyes on them in real life someday. she's a bit inspirational due to the fact that she didn't start painting until her 3rd year of undergrad at art school and went on to get her MFA at yale. yale! and she's cute to boot.

Rosson Crow, "Five Minutes Late and Two Bucks Short at the Cha Cha", 2007, Oil, enamel, spray paint, and acrylic on canvas, 90 x 132 inch.

Rosson Crow, "Live in the Black Pussy", 2007, Oil, enamel, spray paint, and acrylic on canvas, 84 x 144 inches

Rosson Crow, "Buck Owens Trophy Room", 2007, Oil, enamel, and acrylic on canvas, 90 x 132 inches

out of bourbon and the stars of a bar room fight...

sunday. sitting. deciding whether or not to go try on swimsuits. i leave for mexico in 7 days. two weeks of sunshine. i'm so very much looking forward to getting out of town. away from the rain, although it hasn't been that bad, away from home. i need this in so many ways right now.

what does one take to mexico? last year i took one tee-shirt a couple of tank tops, cut off shorts, aa skirt, and shitty flip flops. i hate those shoes but i couldn't think of anything else practical for the trip.

what are your suggestions? on the cheap suggestions? i don't have much money to spend and i don't require a lot of wardrobe changes. probably not much going out. lots of reading and massages, exercising and margarita drinking.

any book suggestions?

we'll fill the air with imagery that lasts forever...

jessica gifted me this great dress of hers and i spent a good while yesterday playing around with how i might wear it. i ended up wearing the top over a black slip that i cut off to about mid thigh with black tights, ankle boots, and a drapey black cardigan thing from f21.

any suggestions on ideas for the dress?

dress paired with vintage secretary blouse.

over the top.

worn as a skirt. i didn't like the length when worn as a skirt.


all worn with black tights from target and ankle boots from f21 (impossibly uncomfortable but super sexified).

yesterday was my birthday. more posts about that later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

belle of the fawning...

this radical piece of jewelry is adorning none other than yours truly. muffin man received it as a gift from local jewelry designer page finlay. check out her etsy shop here.

other jewelry goodness...

i found this on zana's blog and want it all for me.

awesome cuff. i could totally see kristin wearing this...

till the wheels fall off...

what i wore yesterday.

doc martens, jbrand jeans, vintage slip, vintage harley davidson tank.

oh fran├ž i adore thee.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We get our clues from the ones who thought them up, they will conquer us...

this is what i wore on sunday. i know, it's tuesday but i'm still trying to catch up with work from new year's eve, creating new business plans, and school started this week. my oh my.

nudie jeans, steel toe docs, appropriated men's shirt from muffin man's closet.

regarding the luella gladiators i posted about last week my sweet friend liz replied via text message, "...Keep your eyes peeled for fun luella-esque shoes on ebay from te likes of frye, dolce vita and sam can often find a diamond in the rough at f21 or aldo."

thanks liz!!

i think i'd diy these before i spent hundreds of dollars on them. yes no?

Monday, January 5, 2009

the kettle's on, the sun has gone, another day...

imagine coming home to this. what a cute cupcake he is. his nice shoes and my shitty ones.

the following photos are of how my first day of the new year began.

maker's at noon.


docs, levis, target shirt, thrifted shirt, aa hodie, thrifted jean jacket, found fur vest, found sunglasses, maker's mark.

living my life on borrowed time...

christmas present from my sweet.

hard at work.

i didn't like any of the outfit photos we took so i took one of him instead.

adidas high tops, nudie jeans, thrifted blue button up shirt, city of london tie, h&m jacket.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The walls of the room seem to alter angles ...

i'll be posting a lot today and tomorrow trying to catch up with events that took place before the new year. some are fashion some are life. i remembered the other day that i started this blog to provide a place for my friends and family who i'm not able to talk with or see on a daily basis to stay in touch with the things going on in my life. and as much as i would like to think that my parents or grandparents enjoy reading about givenchy or balmain they probably don't. although, someday when they win the lottery they'll be able to look upon my blog as a shopping list of wonderful things to buy me.

the following photos were taken the night of christmas. we spent about 45 minutes trudging through the snow to find an open bar.

my sweet prince. levis, adidas, aa hoodie, diy mechanics jacket, leather gloves by hugo boss.

we found a tiny snow friend perched atop someones car.

first round. i take mine with bourbon instead of rum.

fuzzy photo. furry hat.

fast zak. crusty. he brought his own six pack to the bar.

too much trouble.

i've since rid my hair of the atrocious roots. and chopped it off. nothing like short hair in winter.

Friday, January 2, 2009

divine death...

am i the only person in the world that hates these shoes? every other fashion blogger i've come across seems to love them, but the remind me of what i might do to my foot if all i had were velcro and garbage bags. sounds like a project runway challenge. i don't like the silhouette. it puts all focus on the toes of the foot which, for me, is usually my least favorite part. i'd rather see the emphasis on the arch or ankle. and the way the straps stick out remind me of too big velcro shoes. i liked them on the runway but they have yet to seduce me in real life.

i'd rather have these...

luella gladiator

maybe because i like zippers and thick straps. they look like they would add the right amount of height to my 5'6 frame but still be casual enough to wear with jeans and a tee-shirt. i'm curious know what my friend liz thinks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

not a fashion post...

meet my cat bella. she is sweet and covered in fur. she sleeps next to me every night and i am allergic to her.

here is all the crazyness that is the holidays here. not that things are really ever too crazy but this year was an pile of things to do and places to be.
we had friends over for christmas day brunch so i spent christmas eve making cinnamon rolls. here is the evidence.

work space.

mmmmmm....butter and brown sugar.

i use the floss to cut the rolls rather than a knife.

waiting to rise.