Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's got nothing to do with what i had to drink...

just another shirt i've co-opted from the boyfriend. i think i might find a new home in it.

patch detail

there is a pretty rad article in ART NEWS this month about avant garde designers, namely margiella. i haven't read the article yet but hope to tomorrow. i'll let you know and post some photos from the magazine.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

east end girl...

tonight is rose's show at east end. if i had it my way this is what i would wear.

one step forward and two behind...

things have been kinda crazy around here with all the holiday stuff. friend's thanksgiving on thursday, jacqui's birthday last night and parent's thanksgiving on sunday. today seems to be my only day of rest, which i need desperately to catch up on homework. alas, i've spent the past 2 hours looking at blogs and doing nothing school related whatsoever.

sorry for the icky photo. in a big ol' hurry.

thrifted denim jacket, thrifted flannel, lavendar diy shredded tee, jbrand jeans, frye boots.

Apparently Brit's vaheen has inspired the likes of one of my favorite avant garde designers, margiella. if you haven't already checked this out you should. well worth it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

those now eating will soon be eaten...

hope all of your holidays went well. josh and i spent thanksgiving with friends at the bar.. We had planned on being in New York for the holiday but we just couldn't make it happen with work and school and all the things in between.

as i mentioned in the previous post shari and i went to the "god hates fags" counter protest. it was pretty amazing. there were four members from the westboro baptist church protesting and a couple hundred counter-protesters. what were they protesting you ask? Portland State University has decided to include gender and sexual orientation in their non-discrimination statues as well as introducing gender neutral restrooms to the campus. here are a few photos from the event.

protester. i believe she said she was the granddaughter of Fred Phelps himself.

counter protesters


outfit updates. here is my turkey day outfit. nothing special since the day was pretty laid back.

thrifted jean jacket, shredded hanes black tee, american apparel cardigan, cheap monday jeans, striped socks, doc martens.

since i got those docs at the goodwill i've really been into the whole cuffed jeans and rad socks thing. kind of like this...

i love her i love her i love her. i want to make my hair like hers, i want jeans like hers...i lust after everything about this woman.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bad kids ain't no college grad kids...

papers due and finals coming up. holidays. too many things to do. too many places i'm supposed to be. just photos today.

2 man enter one super hot mad max super model leave.

the next jumper i find at goodwill will thus be subjected to bleach.

outfit posts up hopefully tomorrow along with some other fun stuff.

Friday, November 21, 2008

the small hours...

oh how i heart vain and vapid. not only does she have her fantastic AW/09 pieces up, the striped rivington dress has my name all over it, but she has some other great pics that i couldn't help but stick up on here.

seriously? where can i get my hands on one of these. i just wanna drill a hole in it and wear it around my neck for all eternity.

i have a love hate thing for erin wasson. she's got some killer style but come on, swiping Bliss Lau's jewelry line...shitty. however, this photo did warm and wonderful things to my heart. if you remember this past halloween you'll know why if not, check it out here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

they say i dig a hole and jump right in...

as a portlander i feel lucky to have experienced the weather we've been having. however, those days i fear have come to an end. goodbye sunshine. see you in seven months.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the mosquito has landed

i's a cheesy bathroom photo but here's what i wore to the complete skate event.

cheap monday jeans, purple diy shredded tank, black hanes tank, thrifted motor cycle boots.

ps. here's to cheese and crackers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If your head's alright, ya don't need binoculars to see the light

my friend shari read her 6th grade diary for the one year anniversary of mortified at someday lounge.

shari doing her thing.

stale popcorn don't you stand in your chair...

Compete Skate Fundraiser at The Cleaners at the Ace. Complete Skate is a pretty awesome non-profit that elise is volunteering her time with. They use skateboarding as a way to reach out to at-risk-youth. Anyhow, there are all kinds of fantastic people involved and the fundraiser was a lot of fun. Josh had a piece as well as Bean Gilsdorf, Harvest Henderson, Scott Wayne Indiana, Mark and Bradley Delay.

bean's piece is towards the middle on the bottom.

the grill of chet childress

tiny guests

harvest's pink pearl

scott's to do list

me and chet

Saturday, November 15, 2008

fine day if you're not me...

grabbed this video from scott and harvest's blog. it makes them miss portland and reminds me why i love it so much here.

Hawthorne Bridge Timelapse from Andrew Curtis on Vimeo.

i don't like the counting crows. radio only downstairs. there's only one record player in the house, upstairs, which is usually where is sit and do the blog stuff but it is so beautiful here today that i had to be downstairs with all the sunshine.

about to go see quantum of solace and then off to the complete skate fundraiser at the cleaners.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

heart and soul, one will burn...

remember when?

okay, i know this is far overdue but here's my two cents on Obama. I think his being elected to office is pretty fantastic. He motivated many people who normally would not vote to do so. He inspired people with his Robin Hood-esqe rhetoric concerned the redistribution of wealth. However, as a socialist I know that he is a capitalist politician, the representative of a capitalist party, who will form a capitalist administration to govern the most powerful capitalist country in the world.

And that, as a left-of-center politician getting support with hints of redistributing wealth to the poorer sections of society, he is going to fail, for the simple reason that capitalism simply cannot be made to work in the interest of the majority of the members of society. It is a profit-making system that can only work as such, in the interest of the tiny minority who own and control the means of production and live off the profits produced by the unpaid labour of the majority.

This said, there are two points that can be made.

First, the rapidity with which ideas can change. A few decades ago it was unthinkable that a man regarded as "black" could be elected President of the USA by an a predominantly "white" electorate. It is only about fifty years since most "blacks" in the South were allowed to vote and that segregation was ended. In some States the union of Obama's mother and father would have been illegal. But now, under the pressure of experience, such prejudices have been abandoned by a majority of people in America. We can look forward to the time when same thing happen to the pro-capitalist prejudices still held by the majority.

Second, the much higher turn-out shows that when people judge, rightly or wrongly, that what is at stake is important they are prepared to turn out and vote. We've seen this before in other circumstances, even if there too the issue wasn't really as important as the majority judged. But they thought it was, and acted on this. In other words, that voting is a way in which a change in consciousness from pro-capitalist to socialist will express itself, despite what the "anti-parliamentarists" say.

and this photo...

makes me want to cut my hair and move to the big city.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

slow dance...

it is the time of year in which i feel the need to purge all existing color from my wardrobe. not that there is too much color but every year around november i ransack the closet and most things that aren't black or white or some value in between gets tossed. i won't necessarily say tossed...i'll invite a couple of girls over, we'll listen to records and maybe drink some whiskey. it will be fun. i think the initial need to liberate myself from color started when i found a women's black label armani tuxedo shirt a few weeks ago at goodwill. it's beyond beautiful and i promise i'll get a photo up soon.

the weather has finally taken a turn for, what some would say worse but i say would argue that it's just different. i don't mind it so much for the time being. ask me again in february and i'll give you another answer. the consistent rain and cloudy skies seem to justify my staying in most nights. but really, can you argue with a good book, or blogs, a warm fire and a cat? didn't think so.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

you can't see through my skin...

Josh partook in PULSE again this year. All in all PULSE raised around $95,000. There were some really great artists and not so great, of course in my opinion, artists. I didn't get to stay long because of another art related event organized by CHYCH.

josh hard at work.

chris haberman and another artist at PULSE

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

there is no purity in our love...

good news or bad news first? i prefer to get the bad news first. that way the good can make you feel a bit better.

i know that these shaggy vests are all the rage right now and there are some that are remotely okay, but most of them just remind me of childhood television shows and ravers from the 90's.

i'm loving this from coco rocha.

karla's look the other day is great. i love the vintage trousers and need to find some in tweed. i have a pair of dressier trousers, navy blue velour but lack proper shoes to wear with them.

in a perfect world i would wear this without freezing to death and without falling over given i can't walk in heels.

i want these pants to have and to hold and to layer layer layer with.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

honky tonk angels...

so the original halloween went by the wayside the day of. jem and the holograms were to be no more thanks to a couple of girls bailing out at the last minute. lame. i would rather have been a misfit instead. so here were three girls at 2pm on hallow's eve with no costume, very little $$$ and a big ol' party to go to. this is what we came up with.

any ideas yet?

the balloons had to be blown up in the dress. this made for some choice entertainment.

shayne pre the awesomeness that was lee press-ons.

shayne post all that previously mentioned awesomeness. you can't have lee press-ons without bright lipstick and blue eyeshadow.

boys are dumb.

i just couldn't resist his baguette.

about an hour in.

seriously the only photo so far of the three of us together. thanks chet...again...boys are dumb.

in case you didn't figure it out which...okay fine...some of you may have had a little trouble, but don't worry i'll still be your friend (it just means you have to karaoke islands in the stream with me)...the three of us were different era dolly partons.

elise had balloons in her basement. we found the purple dress that elise wears, the black and white southwest inspired jacket i wear and the red fringed cowboy shirt shayne wears at goodwill. wigs at wigland. it was pretty pretty rad...i got to wear jeans and a tee-shirt all night.