Monday, June 29, 2009


for my favorite menses...


Looking a bit like the campus and gazelle's love child this season features ith more popular styles such as the Campus and Gazelle, this upcoming season features a solid suede upper in either contrasting red/white or brown/brown colorways.


One of Pointer’s most prevalent releases is their low-top Debaser model. Carrying forth many of the characteristics that are shared amongst Pointer’s various models, the shoe’s minimalistic outlook features a nice transition throughout with two new versions this season in a brown leather and suede/canvas version. this will tell you where you can get them.


In particular the black pair far right middle and the navy or tan high tops.
For Spring/Summer 2010, Edwin has joined forces with London-based Folk to create a range of co-branded footwear as part of a multi-faceted collection. Each contributing their own skills with Folk providing the footwear expertise and Edwin likewise on denim, here’s a preview of the first aspect of the partnership. The lineup has taken the strongest elements from Folk’s knack for creating modern, classical footwear whilst incorporating touches of Edwin.

Friday, June 26, 2009


nomenus quarterly pays tribute to one of our favorite designers, ann demeulemeester. however, being that this is like the most expensive magazine ever, issues sell for around $6500, not to mention only 10 copies are being made, go here for the best place to check out some of the images.

the editorial is all blair witch meets deadwood which is a-okay in my book.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


i thought it appropriate to make this 200th post portland centric. i've been more and more interested in what we as a city are doing in fashion and art as there are so many creatives here.
local shop olio united just came out with their first in, i hope, a series of documentary short films profiling local designers. here we have heather treadway of paper doll. she's cute and makes sweet clothes. check it out okay?!


Joseph Carnevale was recently arrested in Raleigh, NC for his roadside Barrel Monster prank/installation. The AP reports:

RALEIGH, N.C. - When Joseph Carnevale chopped up three stolen orange and white traffic barrels from a construction site to create a massive sculpture of a roadside monster thumbing a ride, the North Carolina college student said he saw it as a form of street art.

Raleigh, N.C., police just saw vandalism.

They dismantled the 10-foot “barrel monster” and arrested Carnevale. Hundreds of online supporters want the charges dropped and the publicity has turned the history major and part-time construction worker into a local celebrity.

Even the construction company has become a fan, and wants the 21-year-old to create a replica of the figure that led to his arrest on June 10.

read full story

no soul for sale

the anti-commerce, pro-art event at the Dia building in Chelsea began last night. seeing photos today of last night's festivities i can't help but wish i were in the city to attend.

organized by artists, curators and around 40 non-profits the event is in such contrast to the biennials and art fairs we've become accustomed to. for instance, there are no admission or participation fees and no walls. that's right kids, no walls. your shit has to sit, hang, bellow right next to someone other person's. i'm into it. i think it encourages the coexisting of art and people and life. also, none of the art is for sale. whoo-hoo! it does make me wonder how then are all of these participants paying their rent. i would guess by advertising? which would mean maybe we have two to sell as long as the ends justify the means.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

just like a one winged...

as much as i would love to be this girl's friend i've only become more and more a fan. 4 trips to nyc in the past 2 months and i still haven't met her. anyhow, her awesomeness has just exploded all over a tee-shirt. collaborating with Border&Frontiers, jen and a host of other bloggers designed some most amazing shirts. i especially like the conceptual nature of her design. rather than slapping a graphic on a shirt like many of the others she included a little something to think about, a little stab at the industry as a whole.

hopefully jen's will still be available when i return from peru, i'm on a no spending diet until mid august, painful i know. you can buy the shirt by visiting jen's blogand clicking the link in the sidebar.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

say hello to my new shoes...

bought these babies a couple of weeks ago. pretty damn comfy for as tall as they are although i opted to walk around nyc in my flats with the heels in the purse to save my little dogs. i never thought i would own this color of shoes but they really do go with everything.

Monday, June 22, 2009


luxirare is a blogger/designer that i've loved for awhile. i love her construction as well as fabric choices. a lot of her stuff is this kind of contemporary gothic that i'm super into looking at.
for example, check out this hot pink cardigan thing...i love it. it reminds me of trying on my crazy aunt's silk bath robes when i was a kid. why did we ever stop playing dress up?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

manish arora...

just stumbled upon new delhi designer manish arora. structural and aggressive designs paired with feminine fabrics and textures, not to mention some lovely prints like the skirt below. mmmm...i do love it.

the rest of the collection is interesting. i'm looking forward to revisiting it when i've had a bit more sleep and don't have to squint to see things on the screen clearly. however, my first thoughts about it are distracting. i'm so distracted about the other things going on with the models and/or the styling that i can't really get into the garments. i like there to be simplicity applied to the model when the garment is complex and vice versa.

manish arora and MAC collaboration. beautiful

to the point...

yes, i know it's old hat and many of us have seen photos from this show a dozen times, but...brian lichtenberg rocks it...hard.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009


back to new york...again. i can't seem to get enough of that city. different experiences each time. new things to see. new people to meet. new food, delicious i might add, to eat. waking up saturday morning 10am for run and other maintenance, off to work open to close...that's right 2:45pm to 3:30am, quick bite, max ride and here i am at the airport feeling more tired than i have in such a long time.

Friday, June 12, 2009


bess silk and chain dress at una.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

citizen kane...

thanks to jen for bringing christopher kane's resort line to my attention. i do love, loyally read and pilfer her blog on a regular basis. anyway, this shit is sick. that dress. that a-bomb tee?! i'll take it all.


the cassette society loving it.

while perusing the fabric store today i was looking desperately for a black and whitish or gray animal inspired print for a dress i would like to make. i found nothing :(
Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Temperly of London
image via pattern people.

i did, however, spend a ridiculous amount of time in the activewear section and found some most amazingly wonderful fabric that is just screaming to be made into some kind of leg covering. i picked this up thinking it would make for some neat panels on the front side of a pair of leggings. sort of rodarte inspired. of course they may end up looking like cheap stripper pants in which case i'll take them down the street to see if i can peddle them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we'll fill the air with imagery that lasts forever...

off to nyc again. escapisim? maybe. but it is also an undying love for that city. my prince thinks it's all hype and has no desire to go, of which i would agree that new york is a lot of hype and isn't everything most people chalk it up to be, but it is amazing nonetheless. there is so much history in that city, a confluence of cultures and peoples like i've never experienced. filled with art and beauty and decay. if inspiration lacks on one corner turn to the next and it will find you. and yes, i know this is a narrow minded view from a person who only visits. every place is different when you live there, but so far, this is my new york and i can't get enough.

rather than fretting over what to pack this trip i've been scouring art rags for decent shows to see while i'm there. i only have monday and tuesday and if any of you have any suggestions i would love to hear them. with most of the "to do" art world off in Athens and/or just getting back from Venice I'm curious to see if the city still has some life to it.

so far i have these on my list:

laurel nakadate at leslie tonkonow

charles ray at matthew marks

maybe go see the gutenberg bible on display at the new york public library

there has been debate regarding gutenberg's printing method. one printing scholar claims that he could not have used a moveable typeface but rather used something similar to the keys of a typewriter which could slip and would create the overlap and difference in letters.

Monday, June 8, 2009


evil twin's site is finally up!!! yay yay yay! check it out here. her shit is the perfect everyday, i just rolled out of bed but i'm super hot and whatever i pull off of my floor or from the back of my car in the back of my car are awesome, kind of clothes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the up and coming?

Portland Art Institute is hosting their 11th annual fashion show, The Fine Art of Fashion, June 20 at 8pm. the past few years have been a big disappointment but, for some reason, i keep going. the theme for this year's show is centered around silhouettes, which could make things interesting for these designer wanna be's. what with gareth pugh, margiella and pretty much every other designer worth a damn bringing more attention to the silhouette of a garment on an individual, i think there could be some very inspired creations...if not outright copies. eehhh...we'll see. anyhow, you should still go and support. buy tickets here and come say hi.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

near to you...

he and i, it's somethin' beautiful
but so dysfunctional, it couldn't last
loved him so but I let him go
cause I knew he'd never love me back

such pain as this
shouldn't have to be experienced
i'm still reeling from the loss
still a little bit delirious, yeah

near to you, I am healin'
but it is takin' so long
cause though he's gone and you are wonderful
it's hard to move on
yeah, I'm better near to you

well, you and I, it's somethin' different
and I'm enjoyin' it as cautiously
i'm battle scarred, I am workin' oh so hard
to get back to who I used to be

he's disappearin'
fadin' steadily
when I'm so close to bein' yours
won't you stay with me, please?

i only know that I am better where you are
i only know that I belong where you are

near to you, I am healin'
but it's takin' so long
though he's gone and you are wonderful
it's hard to move on

yeah, i'm better near to you

Friday, June 5, 2009

new york city part three...

day three found me ill as could be for the better part of the day. i stayed in bed reading and sleeping until i finally dragged myself up and out for dom's birthday

went to this show on jen's recommendation which was pretty fun. nice, well dressed, hipster people. super fun times.

emily ryan...

portland designer emily ryan put this up on her etsy store yesterday and i quite like it although it seems a bit out of the current season, long sleeves and a heavy neckline, of which i like but i would most likely wear in the fall or winter. i've always been a fan of extra long sleeves that bunch or hang past the wrist and this little number fills that. i'm not sure about the finishing on the bottom hem, but i suppose i would have to see it in person.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

new york city part two...

yesterday beheld such wonderful sights. my last full day in new york couldn't have been more complete. beginning with a wonderful cup of coffee from a random cafe somewhere in midtown i found myself making lunch plans with the excessively gorgeous hh. but first, i had so allow myself a few hours at the Met. i took the strategy of attempting to see as much as possible in the short amount of time i allowed myself. maybe not the best of strategies, whizzing by a green and white and black warhol, was that jackie o, and were those the running paint stripes of a morris louis. sculpted greek men and women in flowing gowns towering over me as i rushed through ancient greece and rome. highlights of the whirlwind tour and where i managed to give myself some time were the francis bacon retrospective and the marc jacobs exhibit at the costume institute.

i was delighted beyond belief to see the curatorial care and consideration that went into the exhibit. i picked up the book which accompanied the exhibit and will try and scan some photos in the next week or so.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

she wore blue velvet...

on a non new york note...

check it

it seems i do so much more blogging/looking/gawking/pretending to have loads of money to shop/etc...when i'm not working and out of town.

live like an angel, die like a devil...

i still need to post about the past two days but here's a teeny tiny taste.

say hello to my new dress...

it fits me like a dream and is so very nicely made. thank you alexander wang for making me want to wear dresses.

Monday, June 1, 2009

new york city part one...

of all the wonderful moments in my life those that happen in new york seem to stand out the most. this trip has yet to let me down. i arrived on saturday without any solid plans, met up with jessica and brian to see ali's play, dream of me. the play was great and offered some poignant thoughts about relationships and what it's like to be a human being.

after the show we celebrated at V bar with champagne, then off to dancing and ever more drinks at a bar on the lower east side where laura and dom were djing, finally finishing with shitty slices and driving over the williamsburg bridge as the sun was rising.

walking home from laura and doms at 5:30am i was struck by the silence of the city. the never ending hum of traffic and humans seemed to cease for that 10 minute walk, and as i walked along rodney eating that second slice of pepperoni that i knew i would regret in the morning i thought to myself...what a perfect life.