Sunday, September 7, 2008

6 September part two...

how bad ass is this bike?!

i know, who has time for a blog makeover while vacationing in Berlin? here's the deal. i am poor. i quit my steady paycheck job to, one, go on this trip and two, start a business. which means two things: my savings is depleted, which is student loan money anyway, and i don't have a steady paycheck job to come home to. Nights out in Berlin, or anywhere you don't know anybody for that matter, are expensive. really expensive. i walk around all day looking and talking and snapping photos spending what little monies I have on cheap food and beer. so, at night i sit in the apartment listening to bad german radio, blog and work. that's right elise :) i'm working!! here's how the day finished yesterday. i'll post today's exciting adventure a bit later, right now it's döner time!!!

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Anonymous said...

have fun! there's plenty to do when you get back, dumplin'! miss you infinitely.