Sunday, March 30, 2008

30 March

the beginning of a beautiful relationship

the french toast with bourbon hard sauce aftermath

mika doin what she does

seconds on mimosas

this is how we decide who pays

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26 March part deux

Another day in Emerald City.
The rain was kept at bay but the cold wind was in full force.
Went to the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington.
This has always been a space I love. It lacks that air of pretentiousness that often accompanies museums and galleries. The exhibition spaces are intimate and laid out in such a way that inhibit one space from imposing upon another.

Dawn Cerny. Going to Die Shirt. 2007. Ink on paper. 11 x 10 in.

Dawn Cerny’s elaborate narrative installations of small drawings and works on paper contemplate present day social and political issues by focusing on parallel moments in history. Studying the Henry’s collection, Cerny has selected Victorian-era mourning garments and 19th-century landscape paintings to be installed alongside her own work. The ensemble provides an extended meditation on American attitudes toward death, trauma, and war past and present. The installation will include mourning jewelry, ephemera, and journals borrowed from a private collection and seven taxidermy owls from the UW’s Burke Museum.

26 March

three day vacation in seattle.
weather hasn't been too bad. cold but mostly dryish.
lots of art.
staying at green tortoise hostel. super nice hostel. right across from the public market...really, i'm looking out the window at the big red sign that says public market. free breakfast and japanese cartoons on the big screen.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

24 March part deux

Green Tortoise – check in, guy = awkward and funny. Flustered and forgetful. Showed me to my room but forgot the key.
Bimbo’s – Capitol Hill. Neat bar. Mexican masks and bad burritos. Nice bartender lady.
No Sleep - snoring lady in one bed, girl who talked in her sleep in another

Monday, March 24, 2008

24 March

I can’t say that it has dawned on me just now because it is something that I think about almost everyday. And it was by chance or coincidence, which ever you subscribe to, that brought me to the whirlwind of thought that my head sits in right now. I suppose the first question that I have to ask myself is when I stopped playing music. And then, the following question would be why. Neither of which I can answer truthfully off the top of my head but they are two questions I’ve answered repeatedly over the years. I suppose I was in high school when I gave up playing music but it was a year or two before when I quit playing seriously. Why? I don’t know. I can guess that it had something to do with becoming a teenager. The fight within one’s self to do what you love or do what you think you’re supposed to be doing which for me was to look as if I were a normal kid with friends and not some loner who sat inside all day playing with wood and string. I suppose it was having two parents who represented both options for me. My mother, the one who wanted to have everything, to be liked and appreciated and popular. My father however was the one who seemed to be content keeping to himself, lost in books and music. The outgoing personality belonged to my mother who seemed to demean my father for his solitude and withdrawn nature. So I suppose I saw my two paths laid out before me my entire childhood. Strive to be something or be made to feel bad for doing nothing. Now, this is not to say that my father did nothing or that my mother was something but in matters of perception my mother was trying to be something and she was always on my dad’s case about nothing. Did I want to that? So instead of choosing one or the other I fought with both and eventually…well nothing is eventual. I suppose I could say, eventually I gave up music but I haven’t...not yet. I hear it everyday. Tones, pitches, harmonies, rhythms and melodies are in everything that surrounds me. Music, and visual art I would argue, are the closest things we have to expressing emotion. Words aren't enough. Words do no justice for expressing the way we actually feel. Music, music, can fill you up. A string of notes has the ability to make you cry or smile or do both simultaneously. I want to be a part of that again.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 March

you learn something new every day

hungry tiger too and drew

post modern?


dinner: white bean and fakin' bacon soup.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

15 March

Beware the ides of March and Rob's birthday

Monday, March 10, 2008

10 March

the iraq body count exhibit at Portland State University. each white flag represents 6 iraqi deaths while each red flag represents one american death.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

9 March

sushi ninjas
the natalies
bye and bye

Saturday, March 8, 2008

8 March

+woke up at 7:49am to eat a delicious breakfast with Alana
+sunshine most of the day
+modern art paper finished
+house cleaned
+mass purging of clothes
+tasty japanese dinner with josh

-took the night off. (i know i should be enjoying it, and i am - i'm writing this aren't i? but i like my work)
-no work out time
-one more dreadful paper to go

Friday, March 7, 2008

7 March

whew. what a few weeks this has been. two more to go until spring break.
here is a bit of a recap to keep ya'll up to date on my little life.


review on citysearch


nine of my girlfriends and i went to yakuza lounge tonight. kansas was our server, with help from kit. they totally were ON it. as soon as a drink was empty a new one came. nice. they had fantastic recommendations for us for our sushi. the spicy tuna was the best i've had in years. the pink pepper drink was a mix of voda, grapefruit and peppercorns. delicious. the cucumber salad was fantastic. for our non sushi friend the kobe burger was the best hamburger e-v-e-r. we would totally come back here every night. the staff here was SO nice and so cool. the space is beautiful, and the tables are perfect for large groups. LOVED this place.

kansas refers to yours truly. these ladies called me a nickname i haven't been called since school years.


Italian Renaissance Paper was (turned in yesterday!) was on these images by Jacopo dell Quercia and how the depiction of Eve combined with theological texts studied during the period worked to perpetuate ideas of misogyny.

a more boring paper and the one i am currently putting off doing to write this blog is this ceramic vase by Picasso and how it is an example of his continuous interest and influence from art of the past, specifically Greek black-figure vase painting.

fun new exciting can't wait to get in the post purchase but now i'm as broke as i was living in las vegas...

words cannot describe how freakin' excited i am to get this. i'm still hunting around for an inexpensive battery grip. i think i might...well i just don't know.

paper time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4 March

drive home
now you see her
now you don't. yes that's a straw sticking out of a coconut.

Monday, March 3, 2008

3 March

there is a sushi takahashi by PSU now.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

1 March

no photos today.
no time.
too many papers to write in too little time.
today, sitting in a coffee shop i spied this guy.
neat stuff yeah? i knew i should have bought the macbook pro.
it's really great to see the people who are actually doing these creative things. people like this and sunny days make me love this city.