Saturday, September 6, 2008

5 September

entrance to Ernst Thälmann park. Ernst Thälmann was the leader of the Communist Party during the Weimar Republic. Hitler had him shot in 1944 after 11 years of solitary confinement.


these were on the wall outside a book store.

jesus loves you. he even loves the germans, but only in english

a mom. a lot of the "fashion" i've seen so far is matchy. a girl with a silver jacket, silver purse and silver shoes or green overalls with a green shirt and the like.

Prater's in the red sweater. He was born in Berlin but his father is from Yugoslovia and his mother is from Serbia and Macedonia. his english was better than my german but his friend spoke french so i got by okay.

the end.

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Byl said...

Enjoying the pictures a lot. Hope you're having a great time.