Tuesday, December 30, 2008

too tired to think, too tired to move

i'm a bad blogger. holiday times. work times. parties, brunches, dinners, too much food and too much champagne have made posting near impossible. a quick update...i got great gifts from those dearest to me of which i'll post photos later. for now here are some images i'm loving.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

through the razor weeds...


i saw these on knight cat's blog and couldn't help but repost them. i love black and i like zippers but a zipper following the length of your ass crack is not attractive. it's like someone could unzip the poor girl from the middle of her body. her legs would then deflate and fall down next to her ears and then her insides would come out, which might actually be kind of cool in cartoon form but not in real life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

how deep is your grave...

on the walk today

another pill won't do me no good...

it was still snowing this morning. i know this may not seem strange to some of you but here it really is shocking. we never get this much snow. ever. anyhow, i wish this outfit were in my closet. perhaps i will put the skirt in my list of things to try and make someday.

i've also seen these boots on many a bloggers wish list and i can't begin to tell you how frustrated it makes me. bloggers...go to a thrift store and buy a pair of boots for $10 and stud them yourself. please, please, please don't spend hundreds of dollars for used boots with studs someone else diy'd. please? if you must spend hundreds of dollars on some boots buy something timeless. chances are if you don't already have a pair of worn out combat boots in your closet you are going to hate these boots in a year or two.

4 days of stuck in the house makes me a sour mouse. whilst perusing the internets i found this atrocious photograph and was reminded of how awful the doc marten trend has become. nothing about these pink travesties is good. nothing.

on another note...

Total Request Live has come to an end after 10 years on air. fine by me since i stopped watching MTV after they discontinued Headbanger's Ball and Yo MTV Raps. and i know you've heard the question before, "when did MTV stop playing music videos?" who knows, maybe sometime after the real world became ├╝ber popular. here's the thing though, as a kid a drew much of my inspiration from music, albeit mostly show and posters that my friends' older brothers and sisters has on their walls, but some doorways were opened to me by way of mainstream-ish music and their videos. i love rock and roll, hair metal got me into better genres of metal, mainstream rap got me into underground, and so on.

so now i beg the question: is MTV getting worse or am i just getting older?

Monday, December 22, 2008

what's next...

i have a brown bag, black bag, burgundy bag and a yellow bag but no gray bag. i'm keeping my eye on this one from uo to see if it goes on sale.

inspiration for a necklace i'd like to make

what happend to us, what happened to me

what better things to do on a snow day than indoor paintball, bourbon and strip clubs?! sorry, no photos from union jack's or sassy's.

for those of you not from portland there is something different about this city's strip clubs, their dancers and their patrons. having lived in las vegas and visiting strip clubs a many across our great united states i can honestly say there is no place like a portland strip club. boys and girls alike flock to these establishments not just for entertainment but to just hang out. it's about the environment for a lot of people. also, portland has the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the states. this means that your chances of having a friend who is a stripper is pretty high and hey, who doesn't like to visit their friends at work? we go to strip clubs for the eclectic array of music, most of it not of the mainstream sort, strong drinks and overall feelings of comfortableness...unless you're uncomfortable with the naked female form. i digress.

paintball was pretty fun and it turns out i'm not that bad at shooting people in the face. who would've thought.

portlanders are not prepared for this kind of weather as can be seen by the sneaker wearing in almost a foot of snow.

my frye boots were the most comfortable yet still fashionable option i had for the snow. unfortunately they didn't keep my feet very warm.

suiting up

megan terror

piling in

walking home

stocking up for the night

the aftermath of getting shot in the leg, close range with paintballs

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i know that you'll find, love...

the uncharacteristically snowy weather my little city is experiencing is so very wonderful. can't really go anywhere and i don't really see the need to. the house is stocked with firewood and bourbon. there are plenty of movies and a cozy cat to snuggle up to. the internet is working and brownies are in the oven.

the view from here

in preparation for the stormy weather josh and i picked up groceries this morning. we've been ordering them online and picking them up at the store, which works out great. they throw in free stuff for using the service and sometimes the free stuff the include is worth more than the service costs!! sounds like a good deal to me! it's also pretty ideal since i hate going to the grocery store and josh never goes grocery shopping.

unlike most days we had a day of tasty, home cooked food. don't get me wrong, i love to cook but rarely seem to find the time.


pancake breakfast at 1pm.

then i went ahead and made a delicious split pea soup. mmmm...it's going to even better tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They'll take away the part that hurts and let the rest remain...

i am in loving lust with haider ackerman's new line. drapey, stringy love all over the place.

images style.com.

does vanessa paradis not bear a striking resemblance to madonna pre-oral surgery years?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

baby it's cold outside...

spiewak jacket

urban outfitter vest, black slip thing, aa skirt, woolford tights, diy knee high leg warmers, you by croc boots

brian lichtenberg's s/s09 line reminds me of the stark whites and blacks, along with the hardness of garreth pugh combined with the geometry and coolness of balmain.

and then it struck me that nobody, not even a supermodel should wear shoes with ankle straps. daddy likey did a post on such atrocities this past week and does a damn fine job explaining why and how, if you absolutely must, to wear this abomination of a shoe.

what, if any of these should santa bring me?

monique open cardigan, yana crinkled boots, dance pullover, natanya ankle boot.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cooperate in the making of reason...

the title of this entry is also the title of my friend elise's blog, which consists of some truly inspirational images relating to culture, fashion, art and life in general. she is amazing, creative and the hatcher of master projects. i can't believe she is my friend and business partner.

in other events...elise and i coordinated and hosted the leftbank holiday party this past weekend. unfortunately there are no photos from the event but this is what i wore.

thrifted dress, aa racerback tank, target tights, joey heels

Saturday, December 6, 2008

remember when all you wanted was a homie lover friend...

my current shoe cornucopia. minus green converse and running shoes.

Friday, December 5, 2008

after reading kristin's post over at bleach black i was reminded of bygone tees. yes i have attempted something of the sort to many a tee without a happy success. the look i want is only achievable with tees that have spent an overworn life on the body, floor, river, road and back of a truck.

what i wore today running around getting free strawberry ice cream, eating sushi and buying gold paper.

gray j brand jeans, white hanes tee, thrifted navy vest from jessica, green converse

Thursday, December 4, 2008

your brains are locked away but I love your company...

70's punk fashion is back in full effect. the diy aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of peoples these days, which i'm all for because it means more boys might just look like this someday...

my loves.

lady gray jewelry is ethereal and haunting and would probably just the kind of adornments i might actually wear. i've tried and tried over the years to add accessories to my outfits with no success. perhaps that's because i'm still working on the outfit thing. what i have finally discovered is that when i keep my outfits simple i feel more comfortable piling on the jewelry. i also try and remember what coco chanel said about accessories...you can never have too many accessories. put all the ones you want on and then take the last one off.

now, that's not a direct quote but you get the idea.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blank blank...

check out teen vouge for their ksubi jeans DIY. Hey Camille, wanna have a paint party?

i know far more about art and the history of it than fashion so it baffles me how this blog has evolved. fashion has never really been at the forefront of my thoughts until recently and my initial plan was for this to be a photo blog. well i haven't been taking many photos lately and i don't really know where i'm at mentally about art. but then it occurred to me that the two are closely related. my favorite designers tend to be of the avant garde type, creating shapes and form, structuring lines and contours on a body. one wouldn't wear these articles, they're creative outpourings in textile.

the other thing that occurred to me while sitting in class the other day was that there is so much inspiration in fashions of the past. i was specifically looking at this painting when i realized, mid analysis, that i loved her outfit.

"The Banjo Player," William Sydney Mount 1865.

here's looking at you...

i made this today thinking about my friend harvest. i'd gladly shop for her anyday because i think she looks great in just about everything. she's really tall but i'm pretty sure she rocks the shit out of heels regardless, but just in case, i threw in the topshop boots. they look super comfy and remind me slightly of the chloe boots i've been coveting for ages. anywho...off to bed it is so very late.

Harvest by kansas

you can follow the link to see where everything comes from.



Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's got nothing to do with what i had to drink...

just another shirt i've co-opted from the boyfriend. i think i might find a new home in it.

patch detail

there is a pretty rad article in ART NEWS this month about avant garde designers, namely margiella. i haven't read the article yet but hope to tomorrow. i'll let you know and post some photos from the magazine.