Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we'll fill the air with imagery that lasts forever...

off to nyc again. escapisim? maybe. but it is also an undying love for that city. my prince thinks it's all hype and has no desire to go, of which i would agree that new york is a lot of hype and isn't everything most people chalk it up to be, but it is amazing nonetheless. there is so much history in that city, a confluence of cultures and peoples like i've never experienced. filled with art and beauty and decay. if inspiration lacks on one corner turn to the next and it will find you. and yes, i know this is a narrow minded view from a person who only visits. every place is different when you live there, but so far, this is my new york and i can't get enough.

rather than fretting over what to pack this trip i've been scouring art rags for decent shows to see while i'm there. i only have monday and tuesday and if any of you have any suggestions i would love to hear them. with most of the "to do" art world off in Athens and/or just getting back from Venice I'm curious to see if the city still has some life to it.

so far i have these on my list:

laurel nakadate at leslie tonkonow

charles ray at matthew marks

maybe go see the gutenberg bible on display at the new york public library

there has been debate regarding gutenberg's printing method. one printing scholar claims that he could not have used a moveable typeface but rather used something similar to the keys of a typewriter which could slip and would create the overlap and difference in letters.

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