Wednesday, June 24, 2009

just like a one winged...

as much as i would love to be this girl's friend i've only become more and more a fan. 4 trips to nyc in the past 2 months and i still haven't met her. anyhow, her awesomeness has just exploded all over a tee-shirt. collaborating with Border&Frontiers, jen and a host of other bloggers designed some most amazing shirts. i especially like the conceptual nature of her design. rather than slapping a graphic on a shirt like many of the others she included a little something to think about, a little stab at the industry as a whole.

hopefully jen's will still be available when i return from peru, i'm on a no spending diet until mid august, painful i know. you can buy the shirt by visiting jen's blogand clicking the link in the sidebar.

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