Thursday, June 25, 2009

no soul for sale

the anti-commerce, pro-art event at the Dia building in Chelsea began last night. seeing photos today of last night's festivities i can't help but wish i were in the city to attend.

organized by artists, curators and around 40 non-profits the event is in such contrast to the biennials and art fairs we've become accustomed to. for instance, there are no admission or participation fees and no walls. that's right kids, no walls. your shit has to sit, hang, bellow right next to someone other person's. i'm into it. i think it encourages the coexisting of art and people and life. also, none of the art is for sale. whoo-hoo! it does make me wonder how then are all of these participants paying their rent. i would guess by advertising? which would mean maybe we have two to sell as long as the ends justify the means.

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