Thursday, June 4, 2009

new york city part two...

yesterday beheld such wonderful sights. my last full day in new york couldn't have been more complete. beginning with a wonderful cup of coffee from a random cafe somewhere in midtown i found myself making lunch plans with the excessively gorgeous hh. but first, i had so allow myself a few hours at the Met. i took the strategy of attempting to see as much as possible in the short amount of time i allowed myself. maybe not the best of strategies, whizzing by a green and white and black warhol, was that jackie o, and were those the running paint stripes of a morris louis. sculpted greek men and women in flowing gowns towering over me as i rushed through ancient greece and rome. highlights of the whirlwind tour and where i managed to give myself some time were the francis bacon retrospective and the marc jacobs exhibit at the costume institute.

i was delighted beyond belief to see the curatorial care and consideration that went into the exhibit. i picked up the book which accompanied the exhibit and will try and scan some photos in the next week or so.

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