Saturday, April 25, 2009

whisper darling is this love...

my days off seem to be more work than an actual day off lately. new york was fun and yes a vacation, of sorts, but exhausting; then i was sick but played catch up life stuff eg. laundry, shopping, extra work, birthdays and friends. This weekend seems to be panning out the same. Don't get me wrong, all of the events occurring have been and i'm sure will continue to be fun but i would give anything for a day of nothing to do but go for a run and read a book.

sunday night is the forecast fashion show. some of my favorite local designers will be there and i can't wait to see what they've been doing. mothlove has been working on some great stuff and my favorite portland lingerie boutique lille will be there. if you live here and haven't checked them out you are missing out. if you don't live here, go to their website and peruse their inventory. they have tons of designers including hoff by hoff, which you can't get anywhere else in the united states!!! i lust after lille's gorgeous french lace and the cotton panties they have are to die for soft. i digress. yay fashion show!

my three favorites currently at lille...

wild west bralette by the lake and stars (one of my favorites right now...hint hint)

overtone bra by wundervoll

petra cami by araks

Antheraea Polyphemus Legging from mothlove

Agapema Galbina Belt from mothlove

monday night is portland's taste of the nation. part fundraiser, part food and beverage extravaganza, this is the first year that taste of the nation is including spirits. i along with three other bartenders have been chosen to demonstrate the making of a cocktail. this freaks me out a little. not because i have to stand on a stage with a wireless microphone and address a crowd, or because i have to teach people how to do something. it gets to me because the other bartenders i'm doing this with are so excited...this event, to them, means that they have achieved some sort of elevated status within the service industry. these are 'mixologists' not just bartenders. this is something wonderful in their career. career. a career bartender. the thing i've been fighting against since i started working in this business.
i suppose i should embrace it. this kind of work has afforded me an easy life. i can take time off, travel, have my days free, fits quite nicely with the lifestyle i like.

tuesday is the guerrilla girls lecture at PSU. if you're not going you should. smart chicks in gorilla masks talking about feminism and art should never be missed.

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