Thursday, April 16, 2009

home again...

back from nyc. it was so good to see those friends that i did. even more so to see them all together over delicious glasses of wine and tasty food. i do regret missing out on the cindy sherman movie my last day there but the most interesting things happen in that city and i found myself opening my eyes to mid-afternoon sunshine on the upper west side. too late to see the movie but far to comfortable to move.

banana toffee torte
the dining room at buddakhan
oysters and white wine in the afternoon
tom petty
freaks and geeks at 2am

i met amazing people here and there. i've never experienced the negative social interactions that so many people have told me about. maybe it's luck, but meeting people seems so much easier there than portland. above and beyond the ease is the content of conversations i had with people. a sort of superficial in depth, i want to get to know you as quickly as possible, and not what your favorite actress is, but where your family is, what do you love, politics, society and art. i feel like i got the woman from jordan i met outside a restaurant better than some of my closest friends here i've known for years.

on a totally different note, a friend sent me a link to the political compass today to see where my thoughts sit on their little graph. although they've got some pretty thoughtful questions on their questionnaire, some were a bit vague. what can you expect from an online 'test' to determine your political view? i do like their ideas behind combining the social and economic aspect of politics. here's what my little graph ended up looking like:

i wonder what my dad will think of this? papa?


Christopher said...

Hopefully the Guest of Cindy Sherman movie will come to your neck of the woods. Where are you from? You should let the filmmakers know so that they can try to book it in a theater near you.

kansas said...

hey christopher! from portland. i really hope it does make it up this way although part of the draw was seeing it with my lady friends while i was in new york. maybe next time!

Byl said...

No, not too surprised. I can relate to the idea of government should do certain things (that's the left part) and otherwise just leave people the hell alone (the libertarian part).

So yeah...I'll go take the test. Hang on...

(10 minutes later)

You'll be amused to find out that I went and took the test and ended up in very nearly the same exact spot as you. I'll mail you a picture...

Papa Byl