Thursday, April 9, 2009


i haven't accomplished much on my to do list. i did, finally, get my laundry put away...yesterday. now i already have another basket that just can't seem to find the time to do. i also made a serious commitment in being able to check off the get fit part. i started working with a trainer i've previously seen. i had been contemplating whether or not i wanted to use a trainer to achieve my goals or if i wanted to train myself. i decided to go with a trainer for multiple reasons: working out is more fun with two people, my lack of will power concerning some things isn't strong enough, i want to exercise efficiently and properly, i need someone to push me, motivate me and hold me accountable. i can only do so much of those things myself, and i'll be the first to say i can find someway to justify just about anything to myself. so when it comes to eating those french fries at 12am...somehow, someway i figure out a way for it to be okay.

man, now i'm hungry.

for french fries.

i finally finish two of the pieces i've been working on.

woo hoo!

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pachuco said...

Late night blogging is dangerous isn't it.