Monday, December 22, 2008

what happend to us, what happened to me

what better things to do on a snow day than indoor paintball, bourbon and strip clubs?! sorry, no photos from union jack's or sassy's.

for those of you not from portland there is something different about this city's strip clubs, their dancers and their patrons. having lived in las vegas and visiting strip clubs a many across our great united states i can honestly say there is no place like a portland strip club. boys and girls alike flock to these establishments not just for entertainment but to just hang out. it's about the environment for a lot of people. also, portland has the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the states. this means that your chances of having a friend who is a stripper is pretty high and hey, who doesn't like to visit their friends at work? we go to strip clubs for the eclectic array of music, most of it not of the mainstream sort, strong drinks and overall feelings of comfortableness...unless you're uncomfortable with the naked female form. i digress.

paintball was pretty fun and it turns out i'm not that bad at shooting people in the face. who would've thought.

portlanders are not prepared for this kind of weather as can be seen by the sneaker wearing in almost a foot of snow.

my frye boots were the most comfortable yet still fashionable option i had for the snow. unfortunately they didn't keep my feet very warm.

suiting up

megan terror

piling in

walking home

stocking up for the night

the aftermath of getting shot in the leg, close range with paintballs

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