Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blank blank...

check out teen vouge for their ksubi jeans DIY. Hey Camille, wanna have a paint party?

i know far more about art and the history of it than fashion so it baffles me how this blog has evolved. fashion has never really been at the forefront of my thoughts until recently and my initial plan was for this to be a photo blog. well i haven't been taking many photos lately and i don't really know where i'm at mentally about art. but then it occurred to me that the two are closely related. my favorite designers tend to be of the avant garde type, creating shapes and form, structuring lines and contours on a body. one wouldn't wear these articles, they're creative outpourings in textile.

the other thing that occurred to me while sitting in class the other day was that there is so much inspiration in fashions of the past. i was specifically looking at this painting when i realized, mid analysis, that i loved her outfit.

"The Banjo Player," William Sydney Mount 1865.

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