Saturday, December 20, 2008

i know that you'll find, love...

the uncharacteristically snowy weather my little city is experiencing is so very wonderful. can't really go anywhere and i don't really see the need to. the house is stocked with firewood and bourbon. there are plenty of movies and a cozy cat to snuggle up to. the internet is working and brownies are in the oven.

the view from here

in preparation for the stormy weather josh and i picked up groceries this morning. we've been ordering them online and picking them up at the store, which works out great. they throw in free stuff for using the service and sometimes the free stuff the include is worth more than the service costs!! sounds like a good deal to me! it's also pretty ideal since i hate going to the grocery store and josh never goes grocery shopping.

unlike most days we had a day of tasty, home cooked food. don't get me wrong, i love to cook but rarely seem to find the time.


pancake breakfast at 1pm.

then i went ahead and made a delicious split pea soup.'s going to even better tomorrow.


genevieve said...

Trying to move house in this weather is breaking my heart...especially because I have been sweating into the same sweater for the last 3 days. AND all my kitchen supplies are already at the new house. Stop teasing me with your delicious looking food, lady!!!!!

roxanne said...

too idyllic.