Tuesday, December 23, 2008

another pill won't do me no good...

it was still snowing this morning. i know this may not seem strange to some of you but here it really is shocking. we never get this much snow. ever. anyhow, i wish this outfit were in my closet. perhaps i will put the skirt in my list of things to try and make someday.

i've also seen these boots on many a bloggers wish list and i can't begin to tell you how frustrated it makes me. bloggers...go to a thrift store and buy a pair of boots for $10 and stud them yourself. please, please, please don't spend hundreds of dollars for used boots with studs someone else diy'd. please? if you must spend hundreds of dollars on some boots buy something timeless. chances are if you don't already have a pair of worn out combat boots in your closet you are going to hate these boots in a year or two.

4 days of stuck in the house makes me a sour mouse. whilst perusing the internets i found this atrocious photograph and was reminded of how awful the doc marten trend has become. nothing about these pink travesties is good. nothing.

on another note...

Total Request Live has come to an end after 10 years on air. fine by me since i stopped watching MTV after they discontinued Headbanger's Ball and Yo MTV Raps. and i know you've heard the question before, "when did MTV stop playing music videos?" who knows, maybe sometime after the real world became ├╝ber popular. here's the thing though, as a kid a drew much of my inspiration from music, albeit mostly show and posters that my friends' older brothers and sisters has on their walls, but some doorways were opened to me by way of mainstream-ish music and their videos. i love rock and roll, hair metal got me into better genres of metal, mainstream rap got me into underground, and so on.

so now i beg the question: is MTV getting worse or am i just getting older?

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