Friday, November 28, 2008

those now eating will soon be eaten...

hope all of your holidays went well. josh and i spent thanksgiving with friends at the bar.. We had planned on being in New York for the holiday but we just couldn't make it happen with work and school and all the things in between.

as i mentioned in the previous post shari and i went to the "god hates fags" counter protest. it was pretty amazing. there were four members from the westboro baptist church protesting and a couple hundred counter-protesters. what were they protesting you ask? Portland State University has decided to include gender and sexual orientation in their non-discrimination statues as well as introducing gender neutral restrooms to the campus. here are a few photos from the event.

protester. i believe she said she was the granddaughter of Fred Phelps himself.

counter protesters


outfit updates. here is my turkey day outfit. nothing special since the day was pretty laid back.

thrifted jean jacket, shredded hanes black tee, american apparel cardigan, cheap monday jeans, striped socks, doc martens.

since i got those docs at the goodwill i've really been into the whole cuffed jeans and rad socks thing. kind of like this...

i love her i love her i love her. i want to make my hair like hers, i want jeans like hers...i lust after everything about this woman.

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