Tuesday, November 4, 2008

there is no purity in our love...

good news or bad news first? i prefer to get the bad news first. that way the good can make you feel a bit better.

i know that these shaggy vests are all the rage right now and there are some that are remotely okay, but most of them just remind me of childhood television shows and ravers from the 90's.

i'm loving this from coco rocha.

karla's look the other day is great. i love the vintage trousers and need to find some in tweed. i have a pair of dressier trousers, navy blue velour but lack proper shoes to wear with them.

in a perfect world i would wear this without freezing to death and without falling over given i can't walk in heels.

i want these pants to have and to hold and to layer layer layer with.

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