Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy halloween!!!

i wasn't going to post until tomorrow but reading cammila's blogtoday reminded me of a halloween past. last year i scrapped together an outfit last minute. i didn't want to go out...rarely do i ever, but this was halloween and the majority of my friends would be all together for one event filled evening. so, i went as edie sedgwick. easy enough costume...heavy makeup, long dangling earrings and some kind of mod-ish dress. here's what i came up with.

tomorrow i'll get some photos up from this halloween which was even better. just you wait.

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Cammila said...

Perfect! You look a bit like her anyway (minus the desperation and vacant, drug-induced stare) and you captured the look just right. My costume hinged on that big, fake fur coat -- which I all but stole from a lady who was eyeing it at the Goodwill -- but it was way too hot to keep it on when we got to the party.

Can't wait to see what you did this year!:)