Sunday, November 9, 2008

slow dance...

it is the time of year in which i feel the need to purge all existing color from my wardrobe. not that there is too much color but every year around november i ransack the closet and most things that aren't black or white or some value in between gets tossed. i won't necessarily say tossed...i'll invite a couple of girls over, we'll listen to records and maybe drink some whiskey. it will be fun. i think the initial need to liberate myself from color started when i found a women's black label armani tuxedo shirt a few weeks ago at goodwill. it's beyond beautiful and i promise i'll get a photo up soon.

the weather has finally taken a turn for, what some would say worse but i say would argue that it's just different. i don't mind it so much for the time being. ask me again in february and i'll give you another answer. the consistent rain and cloudy skies seem to justify my staying in most nights. but really, can you argue with a good book, or blogs, a warm fire and a cat? didn't think so.

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