Tuesday, July 21, 2009

what´s love got to do...

tina turner on the raido at the internet cafe.
trip so far has been a flurry of conversations, packing and unpacking. meeting and wandering.

july 19
off work at 3am - airport by 4am thanks to tyler for the ride. flight out at 6am to houston, 4 hour layover in houston and in lima by 1030 (can´t find the colon key).

it was pretty surreal to see both cole and mat again. i met cole and mat in tulum about 6 months ago and spent about a week with them so to be back traveling with them is pretty amazing. besides, they are two of the most genuine life loving indviduals i have ever met.

july 20
up early for yoga, home to pack, back to airport for a short flight into cusco. due to a strike in the surrounding villages our rafting trip was cancelled. we could raft down the river but the possibility of getting rocks or fruit thrown at us is quite high and getting back in to cusco is impossible. the local farmers and other people block the roads, put boulders on the train tracks and such so tourists can´t get in. the government has really screwed these people out of a decent way of living. this meant that we didn´t have to get to bed early and had the night to do with as we pleased. this included our rafting guide bringing over two bottles of vodka and card games until the liquor was gone. then it was off to the club which was in itself an event only to be described in photos - those will come eventually.

cusco is beautiful. spanish churches built on foundations of ancient temples. plazas, mountain sides, llamas and splashes of color everywhere.

july 21
today. up early-ish. breakfast. and now here i sit. hiking later and orientation for some sweet mountain biking that we will be doing tomorrow.

i can´t wait to post some photos. hopefully i can find an internet cafe that will accomodate uploading my photos.

peru so far is amazing. i still have all my limbs mama!!! i´m anxious to get out of the touristy places.

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