Saturday, August 8, 2009

south america recap

i guess it should just read peru recap since that is the only country i visited in my three weeks. that country is fucking huge! and so much to see!

i suppose i could rehash all of the places and events i've been and seen but the things that tend to stay with me are the sounds, smells and, on this trip especially, feelings. there's nothing like getting off a plane, bus or train and meeting the new place with every sense. the air smells different...tastes different, the breeze graces your face in an alien yet familiar way, foreign sounds and sights. each place i went left it's own unique signature with me. each new place presented new people with which to connect, nurture existing friendships and in some cases brought to truth the inevitability of other friendships.

i like to think of this trip as the end parenthese in a transformative period of my life. feeling good and solid in my decisions these past 8 months this trip was a reminder of the reality of things. i had some pretty amazing self revelations and spent the past months developing new ideas about myself, examining my life and trying to figure out how to approach this next step in my life. in three weeks i was humbled. my ego put in check. i figured out that i had come to the point where it was time to act, time to start doing rather than only incubating. i had again come to that point in life where the little bird has to leave her nest.

more importantly i learned that every action has consequence. i mean, we always know this, we begin learning it a such an early age. but i really learned it...experienced it. for the first time in my life, if i could, i would go back in time and change history.

a new path presented itself to me 8 months ago and i started walking it. there is a natural progression of growth in life that presents itself to us on occasion and it is up to us to take it or continue with what we are comfortable with. i took the uncomfortability (if that is a word) and excitement of change and it has brought me this far. i am happy in the life i've created for myself albeit strange and sometimes disagreeable to those closest to me. fortunately, i'm surrounded by the most amazing and wonderful and supportive human being(s).

so enough with the rambling. here are a few photos...


machu picchu trapezoid

hyuana picchu




mancora beach

mancora ships

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Incredible post, little bird. - Mama