Tuesday, July 7, 2009

adventures in...

guess who's going back to sweden? nope...not me (insert slight scowl here) :( BUT the hims is going. yay! he'll be traveling to stockholm, gothenburg and lulea, which currently experiences about 22 hours of sunlight a day right now!!! i hope he bring me back something awesome.


i, however, am preparing to depart on a trip of my own. peru and equador is what i've got in mind. i am so excited to be going to a non-european country, packing only two pairs of shoes along with whatever i can carry on my back. don't get me wrong i love carrying a heavy as fuck suitcase with 5 pairs of shoes for a 3 day trip to new york, but i'm pretty stoked to wear the same two t-shirts for 3 weeks hiking, rafting, yoging, surfing, biking etc...surrounded by colors, textures, sights and sounds that i just don't get to experience on a daily basis here.

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