Sunday, January 11, 2009

out of bourbon and the stars of a bar room fight...

sunday. sitting. deciding whether or not to go try on swimsuits. i leave for mexico in 7 days. two weeks of sunshine. i'm so very much looking forward to getting out of town. away from the rain, although it hasn't been that bad, away from home. i need this in so many ways right now.

what does one take to mexico? last year i took one tee-shirt a couple of tank tops, cut off shorts, aa skirt, and shitty flip flops. i hate those shoes but i couldn't think of anything else practical for the trip.

what are your suggestions? on the cheap suggestions? i don't have much money to spend and i don't require a lot of wardrobe changes. probably not much going out. lots of reading and massages, exercising and margarita drinking.

any book suggestions?

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