Friday, January 2, 2009

divine death...

am i the only person in the world that hates these shoes? every other fashion blogger i've come across seems to love them, but the remind me of what i might do to my foot if all i had were velcro and garbage bags. sounds like a project runway challenge. i don't like the silhouette. it puts all focus on the toes of the foot which, for me, is usually my least favorite part. i'd rather see the emphasis on the arch or ankle. and the way the straps stick out remind me of too big velcro shoes. i liked them on the runway but they have yet to seduce me in real life.

i'd rather have these...

luella gladiator

maybe because i like zippers and thick straps. they look like they would add the right amount of height to my 5'6 frame but still be casual enough to wear with jeans and a tee-shirt. i'm curious know what my friend liz thinks.

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