Saturday, October 25, 2008

to love and to break into tears...

watched snakes on a plane last night...for the first time. it was pretty cool watching the documentaries in the special features. a lot was added and/or changed with the film in regard to things that were happening on the internet with fans. the movie had before it was made!! the interweb is a crazy place i say.

i'm still playing catch up on outfit posts. but it is that time of year whence i dive into the boyfriend's closet for new outfit ideas. last night i confiscated a great plaid button shirtup which i paired with black woolford tights and gray slouch boots. no photos of that yet as i forgot to download them today. hopefully i can get to them tomorrow.

what do you do with boy clothes?

t-shirt made by boyfriend, skirt from maya, shoes from maya. i ended up substituting the skirt for black cheap monday skinny jeans.

jen blogged not to too long ago about something that i had been thinking about. i've borrowed her image here because it articulates perfectly how lame these shoes are. i'll take diy any day over these. anyhow, check out her blog cause she's got a rad sense of humor and delicious style.

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