Thursday, February 25, 2010

shudder and fade...

i won't be able to post LA photos as soon as i hoped. i should have known this to begin with...always the optimist. deadline for a book review on monday...a book i'm about halfway through. this wouldn't be a problem except that i have to work everyday until monday :( so i sit down to edit one photo to post here and poof 45 minutes have gone by. what have i done? looked again, twice actually, at all the photos from the past few days, checked my e-mail, sent a couple of messages, checked out alicia's blog for a present i will be soon purchasing myself for being so awesome*, blah blah blah. now here i am, finding that last little bit of distraction before i berate myself and try to read as much of the book as i can before falling asleep. my mind does not want to consider post-feminist thought and it's correlation with psychoanalytic theory and contemporary art. ugh. any ghost writers out there?

*alicia lives in pdx (yay!) and makes completely original drawings just for you for only $10. seriously, $10?

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