Wednesday, February 24, 2010

back in the saddle...

home from LA. still processing and sorting through photographs...will try and post a couple maybe tomorrow. here's the thing...NY and LA seems to be the kind of place where you (I) go when i wanna be a grown up. everybody talking about what they are doing--actually doing. there's a lot of talk about what people want to be doing in PDX but very few people actually doing it. cities of angels and apples. cities of doers.

a few highlights:

hama sushi...sushi ninja. blew my fucking mind.
tasting kitchen...bunch of pdx transplants killing it (yes i said it) proper.
walking...nobody does it in LA and it's sketchville but i loved it.

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Simon Goetz said...

That's what began to bother me about Portland. The second you actually do something instead of just talking about it, others hate on you. Who knows? That may be everywhere. That may be a simple character defect of envious people in their early to mid-twenties. I grew out of my tendency to talk without doing, and others must do the same.

P.S.- NY wins over LA for the simple fact that you can walk everywhere. It's a form of transportation we were born into. Cars move so quickly, it's virtually impossible to process your surroundings while piloting one.