Monday, February 28, 2011

how to get your head out of a banister...

headed to foreign lands. the horizon looks bright kiddos. so happy and so torn. life here for me is amazing. i have wonderful friends, jobs, and a dear family who loves and supports me endlessly. why would anybody leave those things? all i can say is that sometimes when life is so good you have to just shake it up. i didn't realize it until i made the decision to leave how stuck i felt. how much i needed to do something different, and trying to sound as un-cheesy as possible, how much i needed to look within and find some truth. the place i'm headed isn't the most reliable when it comes to internet, hell this place isn't on an electrical grid! i'll post when i can so put me in your RSS feeder if you can and come adventure with me.

xo ks

new view

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Karen said...

darling, in my experience all the best moments in life have been a result of abandoning comfort. on the simplest level there is SO MUCH TO SEE out there. the brilliance of life cannot be grasped by staying in one damn place, partaking in one way of being. breathe it all in. listen. see. love and enjoy.

travel well. i adore you.