Thursday, March 25, 2010

to see is to deflower...

a recent topic of conversation, multiple times actually in the past few months, has surrounded the strange event that some have experienced during copulation. a small survey of friends has determined that either this has happened to you or you've never heard of such a thing. now, if this has happened to you consensus is utter confusion and a little disgust. if it hasn't, the mere mention of this event evokes befuddlement and wonder. it is...what is with the fingers in the mouth?! guys! why do you do it? stimulation? okay. i can get on board with simultaneously stimulating multiple parts of the body...i get it. and i get that the hands and fingers are primary sense receptors but ramming your fingers into your partner's mouth...eehh..not so much.

what's your take? are you a girl who enjoys this? do you know someone who does? are you a boy who can shed some light on this subject for me? please...somebody help me to understand.

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Louise Strother said...

My take... I love it, but I want to instigate it. Increase the intensity, unexpectedly, echo of other sensations. Not so much when fingers are rammed into my mouth. What hasn't happened often is my partner taking my fingers into their mouths. What's up with that not happening?