Monday, October 26, 2009

there's something i've been meaning to tell you...

listen, just for a few minutes.

take a few deep breaths [even if you don't want to breathe anymore]. listen to the pitter-patter of your heart beating in your ears and feel your pulse racing. taste the silence of the world; see the anxiety take over you.

close your eyes and look at the black. look at the black until you see something worth holding onto inside of yourself. wait until breathing doesn't feel like a losing game and then open your eyes,

and listen.


look, you

are wonderful. you remind me of a lullaby in winter, sung like a secret not meant for anyone to know; but it's a shame, because you're one of the most beautiful songs.

maybe you're fireworks that sparkle and light up the july sky - but unlike fireworks, you'll keep glowing into forever.

or maybe you’re just you, and that’s more than enough.

i know there's magic in the world.
[you're proof.]


i'd give you a rainbow if it erased the gray days; i'd give you a mirror if it made you see how wonderful you really are.

i'd drain the oceans if it would erase your fear, and i'd package hope and paint smiley faces on the trees if it'd make you smile. i'd send you a nightlight if it would do away with all the monsters and nightmares. i'd free fall with you if it made you feel less alone.

[and at the end of the fall, we could lay on the ground and wish just to be wishing, hope just to be hoping,
and at the end of it all, i'd offer you my hand to help you up.]


sometimes, i think of myself as an empty house, standing alone and hiding behind lies no one bothers to look past. locked windows and doors are meant to keep the world away,

but hey:
if i only had one key,

i'd give it to you.



i believe [in] you.

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