Monday, March 30, 2009

the reminder...

after hh asked me why i wasn't blogging anymore i felt compelled to actually think about it instead of ignore this little space. what i came up was that i wasn't really interested in posting about fashion anymore and i haven't taken photos in forever long. actually, i haven't done much of anything creative lately and i think that i feel guilty about all of it. guilty about finding myself so inspired by something to only lose interest in it. then i had the thought that perhaps this is what i do in most aspects of my life. so i thought about that and well...this just seems to be a pattern for me. intense interest only to get bored and find something else. is this a bad thing? i don't know. need to think about it more deeply.

i hope to post more regularly although i don't know what the topics will entail. i guess that this blog is destined to evolve and hopefully grow as i do. always something different, never stagnant and, happily, never satisfied with routine and complacency.

i'm a "to do" list girl and i found this image to be exceptionally inspirational.

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