Friday, March 7, 2008

7 March

whew. what a few weeks this has been. two more to go until spring break.
here is a bit of a recap to keep ya'll up to date on my little life.


review on citysearch


nine of my girlfriends and i went to yakuza lounge tonight. kansas was our server, with help from kit. they totally were ON it. as soon as a drink was empty a new one came. nice. they had fantastic recommendations for us for our sushi. the spicy tuna was the best i've had in years. the pink pepper drink was a mix of voda, grapefruit and peppercorns. delicious. the cucumber salad was fantastic. for our non sushi friend the kobe burger was the best hamburger e-v-e-r. we would totally come back here every night. the staff here was SO nice and so cool. the space is beautiful, and the tables are perfect for large groups. LOVED this place.

kansas refers to yours truly. these ladies called me a nickname i haven't been called since school years.


Italian Renaissance Paper was (turned in yesterday!) was on these images by Jacopo dell Quercia and how the depiction of Eve combined with theological texts studied during the period worked to perpetuate ideas of misogyny.

a more boring paper and the one i am currently putting off doing to write this blog is this ceramic vase by Picasso and how it is an example of his continuous interest and influence from art of the past, specifically Greek black-figure vase painting.

fun new exciting can't wait to get in the post purchase but now i'm as broke as i was living in las vegas...

words cannot describe how freakin' excited i am to get this. i'm still hunting around for an inexpensive battery grip. i think i might...well i just don't know.

paper time.

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