Saturday, January 12, 2008


it is my wish to make this blog a photo blog. is this cliché? perhaps. i've always adored the idea of journaling and i've always been terrible at it for any number of reasons. the most common being a lack of time. of course there are others such as uninteresting subject matter, not having the right kind of pen handy, dreadful of writing lines that may not be as straight as i want them to be, etc... so yes, although this too will take time and probably just as much as sitting down and writing, i shall make another attempt at keeping a record of my life. how boring i say to myself. who would want to look at my mundane photographs of my life? well, they're better than my writing about those mundane instances, believe me. some people just have that gift...they can write sentence after sentence about how the air smelled upon their waking that morning and how the warm blanket wrapped itself around their body like a too unfamiliar lover. so on and so forth. i just don't have that kind of prose in me. photographs on the other hand are better suited to describe my day. it's what i see. not always how i see it but i'll take that picture and try to convey that feeling as best i can. i must remind myself that i took that photograph for a reason. there was something that told me to pull out the camera and capture the moment. the funny thing is, it may have been a smell that i wanted to remember or perhaps the sunset but all i had was black and white film. i'll still take the photograph and try to keep that memory fresh as long as possible.

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